Carpets of Distinction

Dovecot Studios are due to host a unique showcase event ‘Carpets of Distinction’, revealing the work of seven contemporary artists: John Byrne, Ruth Ewan, Nick Evans, Alasdair Gray, Nicolas Party, Joanne Tatham and Tom Sullivan. All have worked with weaver Jonathan Cleaver, based at the tapestry studios in Edinburgh, to create an exclusive collection of six limited edition hand-tufted rugs. The rugs will be displayed from 10th November 2012 to 12th January 2013.
Presented by Panel, the exhibition also focuses on the most significant industrial textile companies in post-war, twentieth century Britain: Stoddard International Plc. and James Templeton & Co. Ltd. Through technological innovation and the expert skill of their designers, these two carpet manufacturers brought cultural and economic prosperity to Scotland at a time when the carpet industry thrived. Items from the Stoddard Design Library now held at Glasgow School of Art have been carefully selected to provide historical context for the works.


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