Sir Thomas Brooke’s Library

Bookplate Key to Unlocking History
Buried in the late nineteenth-century book History of Indian and Eastern architecture (1876) by James Fergusson, we discovered an ex libris bearing the armorial and name “Sir Thomas Brooke of Armitage Bridge” (Armitage Bridge being at one time, a Victorian mansion house near Huddersfield). Keen to learn more about the book’s origins and why it had fallen into our possession, we contacted the Wellcome Library in London – a search of their library records had revealed that a catalogue of the manuscripts and books collected by Sir Thomas Brooke is held by them.

Happily, we were pleased to receive an email  confirming that History of Indian and Eastern architecture is indeed referenced in the Catalogue of the Manuscripts and Printed Books Collected by Thomas Brooke. With the provenance of many of the library’s oldest books relatively unknown, it is wonderful to uncover more information which could contribute to a discussion about how these books once owned by wealthy English aristocrats came to be with the School.


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