Emile-Allain Seguy: Designer

seguy1 seguy3 seguy4 seguy5 seguy6

Emile-Allain Seguy was one of the foremost designers working in modernist ornament and design in France in the early 20th century. Specialising in Art Nouveau design, but occasionally also producing designs in the Art Deco style, he produced a total of eleven commercially-available design portfolios, which proved highly influential at the time. His most famous portfolios are perhaps Insectes and Papillons (Butterflies), both produced in 1924.

Seguy is famed for his vivid use of colour, achieved through the pochoir technique in which colour is applied by hand within clear outlines via the use of stencils. His designs are now much sought after, and we are lucky to hold 10 of his portfolios in our collections. These were acquired as part of the Stoddard Design Library, the working library of carpet manufacturers Stoddard International, which came to us in 2009.



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