Glasgow Corporation Water Works



This volume of photographs by Thomas Annan comprises photographs of Loch Katrine and of the water works that were constructed to bring her waters to the rapidly growing city of Glasgow. It was published by Glasgow Corporation in 1877 and features 29 photographic plates. The Library’s copy resides in a 19th century red leather binding displaying the Glasgow Corporation emblem.

Not long after his commission to photograph the city’s slum, Glasgow hired Annan once again to photograph the 25-mile water system between Loch Katrine and Glasgow. This was the first successful aqueduct project in Scotland, and was designed to provide Glasgow with cheap, clean water. It formed part of a series of public health works that the City authorities initiated in the late 19th century.

Our copy includes a pasted-in pennant to front from the Colonial and Indian Visit, 26-28 August 1886, printed blue on white cloth with gold tassels. The Colonial and Indian Exhibition was held at South Kensington, London and displayed art, architecture and artefacts from India and other countries of the Empire in specially constructed Indian-style buildings. By its close, it had welcomed more that 5.5 million visitors.

Update June 2014: Sadly our copies of this volume were destroyed in the Mackintosh Library fire.


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