Private Press I: Doves Press

doves 053231

Following the Library’s visit to the GSA Case Room a few days ago, this week we are concentrating on private press publications in our collections.

Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson was a friend of William Morris, and he was encouraged by William Morris’s wife, Jane, to become a bookbinder. He set up the Doves Bindery in 1893 which was named after the nearby Doves Tavern in Hammersmith. The Doves Press was then founded in 1901 and was a joint venture between the bookbinder T. J. Cobden Sanderson and Emery Walker.

We hold 2 volumes from the Press: A 1908 copy of Robert Browning’s Men & Women, limited to 250 copies, and a 1904 copy of Aeschylus’ epic poem Oresteia, limited to 225 copies. The latter employs the Alcala font of 1514, whilst the former bears hand-flourished initials by Edward Johnston and is bound in vellum with gold-tooled lettering.


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