Paolozzi’s General Dynamic FUN


The Library holds a copy of Eduardo Paolozzi’s seminal artist’s book General Dynamic FUN. Subtitled volume II of Moonstrips Empire News, this volume was publication in 1970 by Alecto, London with an introductory text by J. G. Ballard.

Early in 1965, Paolozzi began work on a massive project to create from his eclectic and unique collection of twentieth century ephemera a definitive statement on modern man and his dilemma, in the form of a 500 page book. The first volume of this project “Moonstrips Empire News”, comprising 100 pages of images and text, was screenprinted at Kelpra Studioes, London and published by Editions Alecto in 1967. In the second volume Paolozzi breaks still further away from accepted fine art printing techniques by brilliantly exploiting the potential of photolithography, as well as screenprinting.

5 different colour editions of 50 images were printed in mixed media, identified alphabetically by the letters A, B, C, D, E and limited to 70 in each edition. 6 of the images and the title page in each box were signed and numbered by the artist. All of the images were stamped on the reverse with the title, number, printer’s and publisher’s chops and a stylised facsimile of the artist’s signature. Our copy is an artist’s proof of the green edition, signed and dated by Paolozzi on the title page. It is housed in a mirrored acrylic resin box.


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