Artistic Japan

artistic japan

The periodical Artistic Japan was published monthly from 1888-1891 over a total of 35 issues. It was founded by Siegfried (Samuel) Bing in order to “stimulate the interest of amateurs and to influence the taste, culture, art and formation of public and private collections in the art of Japan”. The publication was noted for its full-page colour plates, often printed as fold-outs. As well as the English edition, it was also published in France as Le Japon Artistique and in Germany as Japanischer Formenschatz.

Bing was a German art dealer resident in Paris who was instrumental in introducing Western audiences to Japanese art, and did much for popularise its motifs and forms amongst Art Nouveau designers and artists. In December 1895 he opened the hugely influential Parisien gallery La Maison de l’Art Nouveau.

We hold 26 issues of the full run of 35, many with their original paper covers retained.



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