Mackintosh Library: Wants List


At the end of last month, the fire that struck the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building caused us to lose our dear and beloved Mackintosh Library and its precious collections. Since that tragic event, we have been touched by the many offers of donations we have received and continue to receive from individuals and institutions, for which we are very grateful.

The rebuilding of our lost collections will take many years. We intend to pursue a targeted rebuild, tightly aligned to both the illustrious history and future direction of the Glasgow School of Art. Just as the loss of the Mackintosh Library interior allows us to re-imagine the future use of the space, the loss of these collections, though tragic, provides the opportunity to revisit our collecting strategies and to rebuild in a highly strategic and targeted way.

In the short term however, we need to replace the volumes that were in high demand and used regularly by our students, staff and researchers. In particular, we need to replace those volumes required by our PhDs. In addition, we also seek to replace those volumes that complemented our Archives and Collections, including the many treatises and illustrated books written, designed and made by our past Directors, tutors, and alumni. The quick replacement of these volumes is a priority for the Library.

Our Librarians have compiled a wants list, which is now publicly available. At this time, we are only seeking very specific titles that hold particular relevance to our history, our alumni, and our learning, teaching and research activities. If you hold any of the titles below and would like to donate them to the Library, please contact our Librarian Duncan Chappell at

Please note that the GSA Archives and Collections Centre also suffered some damage, however the bulk of the holdings are fine and have been removed from the site for an assessment of their condition. Unfortunately, the Archives and Collections service will be closed for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to donate to the Mackintosh Building Fire Fund you can do so here.


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