Alasdair Gray Donation

We have recently been gifted by Alasdair Gray a significant collection of first editions, uncorrected proofs and foreign editions of his novels, plays and poems, along with his library of books that he read avidly as a child and which influenced his later writing and art.

2015-05-01 14.02.57

Bertrand Russel’s Wisdom of the West, London, Macdonald, 1959 gifted to Gray by his father and decorated by Gray in black marker

Alasdair Gray (1934-) is one of Scotland’s foremost writers and artists. His first novel, Lanark, was published in 1981 and was the culmination of over 30 years work. It is has been described by The Guardian as a landmark of 20th-century fiction. Since Lanark, Gray has published numerous novels, long and short poems, plays, and picture-biographies, and is the recipient of several awards. His fiction tends to incorporate elements of social realism, fantasy, and science fiction. He illustrates and designs many of his publications, and has consistently fused his literary and artistic practices. He also works collaboratively, and has provided illustrations and covers for many other artists, writers and historians. He studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1952 to 1957, and taught here from 1958 to 1962.

We will be working to catalogue Alasdair’s books over the coming months, collecting contextual information on their significance to his practice and life.

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