Vanessa Bell

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Currently on show at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art is Ripples on the Pond, a conversation between works by women on paper and moving image. It takes as the starting point recent acquisitions from the Glasgow Women’s Library 21 Revolutions series, relating them to other works from Glasgow’s collections and sparking questions about gender and media choice in relation to women’s practice and visibility.

One of the works on display is a colour lithograph Girl Reading by artist Vanessa Bell, which is also held in our own collection in a portfolio of eight lithographs by Bloomsbury Group artists.

Vanessa Bell was an artist and designer and sister to the novelist Virginia Woolf. She studied painting at the Royal Academy in 1901, before moving with Woolf to Bloomsbury, London in 1904. Here she mixed with the artists, bohemians and writers who were to become known as the Bloomsbury Group. The group met regularly at Bell’s house in Gordon Square. In 1907 she married critic Clive Bell, but they maintained an open marriage and she would have affairs with both Roger Fry and Duncan Grant. Around World War I she moved to Charleston in East Sussex. Originally post-impressionist, her art became abstracted in 1914. She died in 1961.

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