Private Press VIII: St Dominic’s Press

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St Dominic’s Press was founded in Ditchling, Sussex in 1916 by Harry Douglas Clark Pepler. Pepler (1878–1951) was an English printer, writer and poet. He was an associate of both Eric Gill and G. K. Chesterton, working on publications in which they had an interest. He was also a founder with Gill and Desmond Chute in 1920 of a Catholic community of craftsmen at Ditchling, Sussex, that took the name The Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic. The Press enabled members to circulate their ideas to friends and supporters and provided a creative outlet the community.

We hold a copy of Wood Engraving, published by the Press “on the Feast of S Bartholomew” in 1920. It is written by R. John Beedham, with an introduction and appendix by Eric Gill and illustrations by Gill and Desmond Chute. Beedham was a ‘formschneider’ and is often cited as the last person in England to serve an apprenticeship as a professional reproductive wood engraver.


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