Spooky Books

This week we thought we’d share some spooky artist’s books to celebrate Halloween.

Field Axe by Ken Da Koalah
Field Axe by Ken Da Koalah

Field Axe is a new addition to our collection, arriving just in time for Halloween. Written by Ken Da Koalah, who hosts a radio show on Subcity Radio by the same name, it contains a series of spooky stories with a playlist to listen to as you read them. It also features some illustrations and a creepy comic strip by the author.

Field Axe by Ken Da Koalah
Field Axe by Ken Da Koalah


We’ve also got a beautiful edition of Dracula to share. Artist James Pyman has chosen a line or phrase from each chapter to illustrate in pencil. The text has been typeset by John Morgan, using separate, historically accurate typefaces for each character. The yellow cover mimics the first UK edition of the text, with creepy blood-red gothic text at the top.

Dracula by James Pyman
Dracula by James Pyman

For other spooky suggestions, you can use the thematic guide for our artists’ books collection. If you’d like to look at Field Axe, Dracula or another title in special collections, that can be arranged by appointment here.


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