Pickford Waller

The Friends of the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) have purchased two original Art Deco sketchbooks by designer Pickford Waller for the our rare book collection in solidarity after the fire. The sketchbooks, dated 1925 and 1926, feature colourful and ornate Art Deco ornaments and designs intended for bookplates. They were presented to The Glasgow School of Art today, 30 October 2015.

119355_01 119355_02 119355_03

Pickford Waller (1849-1930) was a prolific artist. He designed bookplates, book covers, title pages, and page borders, and produced book designs for Hans Christian Andersen, Robert Laurence Binyon, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, and James Guthrie’s Pear Tree Press

“I am delighted that the Trust has been able to present the GSA Library with these wonderful sketchbooks,” says, Anne Green, Friends Director for the BADA. “Not only will they add to the GSA’s collection, but they will also benefit students in years  to come.”

As well as holding several volumes by Waller’s associate James Guthrie, The Glasgow School of Art Library also holds a large arts book collection by Art Nouveau and Art Deco designers such as Ann Macbeth, Talwin Morris, Jessie M. King, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

“We are grateful to the British Antique Dealers’ Association for this generous gift,” says GSA Librarian, David Buri. “The sketchbooks are a perfect addition to our holdings as they are further examples of the period and style that The Glasgow School of Art Library specialises in. They will be an excellent resource for researchers and artists now and in the future.”


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