Aglio 6 Olio


The limited edition artist’s book Aglio 6 Olio was created by Erica van Horn and Simon Cutts in 1992 under their Coracle Press imprint. It was described thus: “Otherwise called The Garlic Book, this is an abstract cook-book whose structure emulates that of a symmetrical head of garlic. Each of the six cloves, each a section of the whole book, presents a recipe for one of the classic sauces of garlic and oil, plus one (or at the most two) other ingredients. The book is a tribute to Elizabeth David, who rarely gave specific instructions for her recipes, but merely cited the ingredients within the understanding of an attitude to food.”

The book was one of just 81 volumes salvaged from the remains of the Mackintosh Library at Glasgow School of Art, which was destroyed by fire on 23 May 2014.

Our Librarian Duncan Chappell has now collaborated with Erica and Simon to produce a new artists’ book that responds to both the fire, the destruction of the Library, and its coming rebirth. Duncan’s photographs of the original Aglio 6 Olio, charred in places and wet with the fire-fighting effort, have been  gathered and bound into a new artists’ book by Erica and Simon . You can purchase a copy of the book here.

2015-11-05 15.31.41 2015-11-05 15.32.04 2015-11-05 15.32.20



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