THE THING Quarterly Issue 19


THE THING is an artist-run publication in the form of objects.  It’s like a magazine, except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and published as a useful object. THE THING works with artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, and musicians to create issues and projects that ask us to rethink our relationship to objects.

2.jpgTHE THING began in 2007, and the GSA Library has several issues in the Artists’ Books collection, including works by Dave Eggers, Starlee Kine, and David Shrigley. David Shrigley’s issue, pictured above, is the first “travel issue” of THE THING.


THE THING describe the issue as follows: ‘Our first “Travel Issue,” it was produced in collaboration with designer Matt Singer and consists of a leather travel wallet lovingly gold foiled with the text “The Travel Wallet.” Inside the wallet there is a series of four double-sided removable phrase cards and a 24-page passport book (which can also be removed). The phrase cards are in English (in Shrigley’s handwriting) and are designed to be used in all situations where phrases are required. Some examples of text on the cards: “Can I have your shoes?” and “Please help me.”‘


To view this, or any other titles in the Artists’ Books collection, you can fill out this form here.



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