Wolfgang Tillmans

Last month, photographs from Wolfgang Tillman’s series Neue Welt (New World) went on display at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), so we thought we’d share some of the Wolfgang Tillmans titles in our Artists’ Books Collection.

Cars by Wolfgang Tillmans

We have several titles by Wolfgang Tillmans in our Wolfgang Tillmans collection. The newest title is Cars, which “looks at a cross section of what cars ‘actually’ look like in a global sampling and how they interact with the environment around them. [Tillmans] wanted to show how cars appear in typical street view, which is rarely the subject of photographs.”

Cars by Wolfgang Tillmans

Another favourite is Concorde. “With no text other than the inner-front flap’s description, Tillmans’ iconic artist’s book consists of 62 color photographs of the Concorde airplane–taking off, landing or in flight, and sometimes as just a tiny, bird-like silhouette in the sky.”

Concorde by Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillman’s photographs are on display at the GoMA until August 2016. To view Concorde, Cars or any other titles from the Artists’ Books Collection, you can fill out this form here.


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