Maximum Rocknroll and Hardcore Architecture

It’s International Zine Month! We’ve put a new display up in the library foyer of two new acquisitions — Hardcore Architecture and Maximum Rocknroll.


Hardcore Architecture is an architecture zine that “explores the relationship between the architecture of living spaces and the history of underground American hardcore bands in the 1980s. Band addresses are discovered using contact listings found in demo tape and record reviews published from 1982-89 in the fanzine MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL (MRR). Google Street View is used to capture photos of the homes. Street na

Maximum Rocknroll, often referred to as Maximumrocknroll or MRR, is an international DIY punk fanzine, radio show, website and record label since 1977. Run by a team of volunteers, the fanzine is not-for-profit.


mes and numbers are removed to respect the privacy of people currently living at these addresses.”


The Library holds issues from 1991-1992. Amongst those is a queer issue, a “special soviet punk issue”, an issue on safe sex, an issue on punks over the age of 30, specific updates on the Bay Area punk scene, reviews, letters, and more.


Hardcore Architecture is part of a wider scene of ‘archizines’, which provide an alternative to the glossy and glamorous traditional architectural journals. The ephemera that accompanies the Hardcore Architecture zines brings the radical political views more commonly associated with the hardcore scene to an architectural publication. On display is a flyer for the Hardcore Architecture show at Outhaus in Urbana, IL, a flyer about the police murder of Bettie Jones in her own home in Chicago, a statement published in response to questions about the Chicago Architecture Biennial, and several zines which feature interviews with members of the punk scene.


If you’re interested in zines, you can check out the GSA Library Zine Collection blog here.

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