Crying Instructions

THE THING Quarterly ISSUE 10 :

Starlee Kine is an American radio and podcast producer. At the GSA Library we are all big fans of her emotive and captivating solo production Mystery Show – a show which aims to answer the little mysteries in life that a simple online search will not solve, such as ‘Where did that old video store disappear to?‘ and ‘How tall really is Jake Gyllenhaal?’.

When not producing and presenting podcasts, Kine is also an artist. We currently hold a copy of her artist’s book Crying Instructions. The work, which is comprised of a laser etched poem on a chopping board, and a printed magazine, explores the emotions of the artist.


The production is part of a project called THE THING Quarterly. THE THING is an artist-run publication in the form of objects.  It’s like a magazine, except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and published as a useful object. THE THING works with artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, and musicians to create issues and projects that ask us to rethink our relationship to objects.


THE THING began in 2007, and the GSA Library has several issues in the Artists’ Books collection, including works by Dave Eggers and David Shrigley.

More information and images of the pieces is also available on the official THE THING Quarterly Instagram page.


This edition of the quarterly was published in San Francisco in the Spring of 2010. The instructions recommend chopping an onion in order to instigate crying by the user.

To view this, or any other titles in the Artists’ Books collection, you can fill out this form here. You will however not be allowed to chop onions or any other vegetable on this rare collectable.


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